How to Make $80,000 to $100,000 Your First Year In Trucking

Truck driving professionally is a great opportunity to make some great money!

Like so many other businesses the specific decisions you make and the actions you take determine your outcome. It is important to know that the AVERAGE truck driver will NOT make anywhere near $100k their first year – or any year in trucking.

In fact, most new rookie entry-level truck drivers will be lucky to make about half of that…

So, if you want to make that kind of money – and even more – then you have to be an extraordinary and highly motivated professional truck driver.

You have to have the right specialized information and support – and equally importantly – you have to actually do the work necessary to achieve the results you want.

That is why, before we go any further – I want you to clearly understand that this is not easy and it is not what most new (or experienced) drivers will earn. You have to be success driven, motivated, and work both hard and smart – but if you can do that, then it is possible for you!

It is realistically and truly possible – but, to really make this kind of money you are going to have to work for it.

Choose the Right Company to Start Trucking With

The first company you choose will lay the foundation for your career.

It is a very important decision that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Choose a company that is safety-focused and that has an excellent training program, along with plenty of freight and opportunities for you to make more money more ways.

Your first 90 days is going to need to be focused on learning (I mean your first 90 days after truck driving school). Get through their training and maximize every day to get as much practical real-world experience as you can – and learn the basics of how to manage your own Trucking Business Successfully.

Make sure you get it too – you are in a Trucking BUSINESS of your own from day one…

You must adopt a new mindset if you want better than average results.

Since you will be paid based on your productivity -based primarily on the loads you deliver – the way you get and manage those loads and all else in between are critically important to your success. You also have to look at all the available opportunities to make more money.

Beyond that, there are many other ways you can and should be making money too.

Once you have your first 90 days under your belt it is time to begin ramping up your income.

How to Make More Money as a Company Truck Driver

There are multiple ways drivers are paid.

You need to look at all the options available to you and plan out how you can do better and make the most money in the shortest time frame.

Here are a few considerations;

  • Dedicated Accounts – they can pay more money overall and they pay differently, especially for accounts that require advanced close maneuvering and backing skills and that require operating specialized equipment. Some require physical work unloading freight which is very hard and increases turnover, and that means more opportunity for you if you can handle it. It often means a sign-on bonus of $5000 or more too!
  • Referrals – You can refer other people to your company if they have a referral program, and almost all trucking companies of any size and even many smaller ones too – do have recruiting/driver referral programs. You introduce a new driver to your company and if they’re hired you get paid. Some will pay for both inexperienced new truck drivers and experienced drivers, and will often pay even more for experienced drivers. These fees can be hundreds of dollars or more per driver.
  • Training – You can become a trainer and earn as much as an additional $1200 per month – or more – and in some cases an ongoing residual per student/trainee. Please do keep in mind that I strongly recommend you first get AT LEAST 9 full months of solo driving experience to a year or more before you become a trainer. Yet many companies will let you train far sooner than that. Do your time and learn first what you need to know, get your own experience, and get everything else ready – and then when the time comes you will make a far better trainer!

Monetization of Your Own Trucking Business

It is NOT just about miles!

Most drivers just go after more miles all the time, and that is a mistake. It is about making more money! To make more money you have to think first and make better decisions.

Some of the highest paying loads can be turned in less than a day – and often even two loads can be completed along with some additional things that generate additional pay.

How would you like to get home every other day or so, and have two full days off at home each and every week – and still make $80,000 to $100,00 or more?

You can.

I can show you specifically how to do that.

But again – it will not be easy – you will have to work your butt off to do it, otherwise, it won’t happen for you. Do you want it bad enough to do what it takes and can you handle it?

That depends solely on you.

Beyond all that – you need to expand your vision. Look at what you are doing as building your own trucking business from day one. That will help you see and then do the things that need to be done to make you more money and help you achieve specific goals that you will set for yourself.

For example;

As soon as you start trucking – start a website/blog of your own and chronicle and share part of your journey. In addition to that, start a YouTube channel and begin posting regular videos there as you build your trucking career.

As you do you will begin to get more viewers and more readers and followers, many of whom will be interested in becoming truckers too!

You can use that to get in touch with them and then introduce them to your company as your own recruits/referrals and earn a fee for doing so for each and every one. In exchange for their trust in you, there are a couple of things you need to do. First, tell the truth about your company – the good the bad, and the ugly, and no company is perfect. They will thank you for being honest, and some will decide that it is the company for them – others will decide they do not want to drive there. Either way, you have added value, and they are still likely to keep consuming your content.

By the way – you should also learn Affiliate Marketing – which will teach you all the fundamentals and skills you need to do all these other things online. As you grow your site and your channel you can begin doing affiliate marketing too, and make more money that way as well – while you continuously build your own trucking career and trucking business successfully.

Let’s say you make a video in your truck showing yourself cooking dinner in your Instant pot (pressure cooker) and you put a link in the description to that cooker. When someone clicks your link and buys the product then you earn a commission/fee and it’s automatic. The seller handles the order – you do nothing further – except getting paid for each sale, even when you are sleeping – or driving! There are thousands of products you can market through affiliate marketing too, and this will turn your downtime into income production time too.

Eventually – once you have enough experience as a driver yourself – and when you are ready, you will become a trainer. Guess what will help you get more trainees and recruits/referrals? That channel and blog you already built for the previous several months! That’s what!

Do not underestimate the power of what I am talking to you about.

By the way – many of the people using part of this strategy are doing it W R O N G!

They are plastering the name of the trucking company they are employed by all over the internet and there are several problems with doing that. Here are a few reasons that is a serious mistake;

  1. Branding – You need to be building YOUR OWN brand and your own identity from day one. Remember you are building YOUR OWN TRUCKING BUSINESS not trying to become a free marketer just for a company that you do NOT own! So market yourself and your brand and build your own trucking business successfully.
  2. Violation of Employer Rules – Some trucking companies do NOT want you blasting their name and information all over the place, and may actually have written rules, policies, and procedures in place that expressly prohibit you from using their name, logo other information in your videos and other content. Others will prohibit you from making videos while rolling, backing, etc. – out of concerns over RISK MANAGEMENT, including distracted driving and negligence. You can be disciplined or even have your employment terminated for violating their rules. Even when they don’t – many still do not like it, and if that is the case they will cause you all kinds of problems.
  3. Changes and Updates – Over time you may decide to change companies for any number of reasons. Do you want hundreds of videos online recruiting drivers to a company you no longer are affiliated with? That makes little to no sense when you are working to build your own business. Building your own brand is part of that – and a much smarter way to do it too!

The things you need to know can all be learned. It is not as complicated or as difficult as it may seem. You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort and do the work.

I can teach you how but the rest is all on you.

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