How to Get Started In Trucking

Get trucking information.

Get your CDL (Commercial Drivers License)

Start trucking with your first truck driving job at your first trucking company.

Learn about Trucking Business and how to achieve Trucking Business Success systematically.

Get help and support as your start, build and grow your own trucking career and trucking business.

Truck driving jobs and truck driving business opportunities have never been better than they are right now – and now is the best time in history to start your own trucking journey – if you have the right information.

But that is one of the challenges – most people just getting into trucking for the first time do not have enough information and even worse, they’re getting all of their information from bad sources. Specifically recruiters.

Some recruiters are good and honest – others are liars and will tell you anything they think you want to hear to get you behind a wheel of a truck they are trying to fill. Even the good recruiters ( the honest ones) are still trying to sell you something and that means you are always going to get the rose-colored picture to some extent, and that you are not likely to get the whole picture that you so desperately need.

You need good information to make important decisions about trucking and about your life – and if you blindly rely just on a single recruiter or two for all of your information – you are probably in for a very rude and unpleasant awakening.

There is a better way.

Learn how to do your own independent research and learn the whole picture about what trucking really is all about – the good the bad and the ugly – all of it. That way you get the whole picture and can make better decisions for yourself.

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