Get Your CDL and Start Trucking Now

Trucking needs drivers.

This is your opportunity to change your life.

Get your CDL (Commercial Drivers License) and become a truck driver in as little as four short weeks.

Then you can begin an Entry Level Truck Driving Job with a motor carrier (trucking company) that has a road training program. This is sometimes called a “Finishing Program” or just Driver Training Program along with other variations.

It doesn’t matter what it is called so long as you know what it is and why it exists. The purpose is to build on the basic skills you will learn in truck driving school. Truck drivings schools teach you what you need to know to pass the test and get your CDL class A and get a job. They don’t teach much more than that and the time frames they use (typically about four weeks ) just wnt allow it to begin with.

Nor should they – their job is to help you get your CDL and that is it.

When you go to a company they need to teach you the rest so you can continue to refine your skills as you do the job on your own – so you can learn and earn at the same time. But before you can do that you need a few more days to a few weeks of on the road training with an experienced driver.

You will do the work under his or her supervision – to make sure you do it safely. When you have completed that few days of training they will sign off on you and you will be upgraded to your own truck.

That is exciting!

It is also the real beginning for you in trucking.

Now all your decisions and actions will really matter.

They matter for your safety and the safety of everyone else, and they matter for your earnings ability and your time at home.

The more information you have the better the decisions you will likely make – and the better you can do in trucking!

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