Choose a Decent Trucking Company and Stay Awhile

Truck drivers like to jump around a lot.

Some do anyway.

The problems that causes for the drivers themselves are many and often they do not realize the repercussions of changing jobs too frequently. So here are a few things for you to think about as you consider your own choices of where to work.

Longevity equals stability and that means desirability for all GOOD companies. The opposite is true for job hoppers. For example, if you were the hiring manager for a trucking company and you are considering two separate applicants for one highly desirable dedicated account how would you decide which one to offer the job to?

Let’s say one has a spotless driving record, three years of verifiable truck driving experience in the same types of equipment, and has only had one employer in the last year or more.

The other driver also has a good driving record, and has similar experience – but he has had six different jobs in the last two years!

Which would you hire?

You do not need to be a business genius to be able to tell that the job hopper will likely only stay with your company a couple to three months or so before hopping off to the next company.

That makes hiring him a waste of time and a waste of money – so you would pass – and offer the job to the other guy.

Keep that in mind as you yourself decide when to leave and move on to another company.

In general – try really hard to stay with each company for a full year or more (2 is better) before changing jobs so you are not viewed as a job hopper.

Hiring Considerations for Your Own Trucking Business

Someday when you have your own company (if that’s your goal!) and you begin looking to hire your first drivers, there are some things you need to know and do too.

First of all – make sure you are crystal clear on ALL regulatory requirements.

There are many – both from the DOT/FMCSA requirements and other federal, state, and even local requirements you need to be aware of. Beyond that even – there are other basic risk management issues you need to know and deal with too.

One of the biggest things you want to avoid is Negligent Hiring.

What that basically means is that some people are a serious liability – even when they may technically be legal to hire, and may meet all other legal and regulatory requirements – they are still a huge risk and it is a bad idea to hire them.

For example, hiring someone with a history of violations and or incidents will come back to bite you if they have a serious accident or incident while employed by you and your company.

Unexplained and unverifiable gaps in employment are another key indicator and red flag.

Often a person will claim to have been on vacation, leave, caregiving for a family member, or something similar – when in fact they were in jail or in a mental facility of some kind! If you hire them and they cause a fatal or otherwise serious accident then you WILL be on the hook!

This is in part why many smart companies will refuse to hire drivers who do not have recent verifiable experience working driving a truck.

Never be in such a hurry to fill an empty seat that you put the wrong person in it – and destroy your company as a result.


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