All Truckers are Really Self Employed

This is true from a practical standpoint – whether they even realize it or not.

Trucking is unique in so many ways. Especially when it comes to all the factors that impact how truck drivers get paid. They are by and large paid directly based on their own production vs as a typical employee who is paid an hourly wage or a salary.

Truckers are also exempt from overtime laws and benefits for the most part too.

Yet they are at the same time regulated heavily by federal limits on how much time they can drive – and what specific activities count against that time too.

Never the less – far too many truckers just don’t get it – and they think and act more like typical employees who work in a factory or office somewhere.

That is a catastrophic mistake which can make a HUGE difference in the income they earn, and the time they spend away from home too!

It’s All About The Trucking Choices You Make

When you get into trucking the sooner you realize this the better off you are going to be in every conceivable way.

As a truck driver, it is NOT your companies job to look out for your best interests – that is YOUR job.

Never forget that.

The company will always look out for its own best interest ahead of yours. Period.

So when they talk about you being part of their ” FAMILY” – you most certainly are NOT – and you never will be.

They say that you will be part of their family because it sounds good and because they are parroting all the other trucking companies who use the same old tired terminology. Go ahead and believe it if you want to, but in time you will come to see why it just isn’t so – even within the best of the best companies.

As a driver – you are a means to an end. You are there to fill a need that the company has, and so long as you do you will be able to remain there – right up until the moment you are no longer beneficial to them. Then you will be gone. Period.

That’s not bad or good so long as you understand it. It is just what it is. Reality. Truth.

And just to be clear – the truth is the truth and it is what it is – and it simply doesn’t care a lick about your feelings about it either.

You either get that or you don’t – and you will either benefit or suffer accordingly as a result too.

Get Information and Make Informed Decisions that are Better for You

The key to so many things in this life is having and acting on specialized information.

That is especially true in trucking.

Most drivers know little if anything about trucking when they’re first starting out – and a great many more never bother to really learn much about it even over the course of years they spend as truck drivers.

If you want to do better be sure to not replicate their actions.

Instead – make it a point to pursue trucking like a profession. Work hard to learn about the industry before you jump in – then as you begin to build your own trucking career – be sure to keep on learning and gaining more in-depth specialized knowledge, skills and experience as you proceed. Then use it all to continiously make better choices and get better results that keep you moving toward goals of your own choosing.

You will be happier and more fulfilled.

You will make more money.

You will do better and better in trucking and in life as a direct result too.

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Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

Founder and Owner of Transport Resource Solutions LLC

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